Bartomeu is a unique proposition, even in the chic Palma neighbourhood of Cas Català. A six-bedroom villa located on the first line between sea and land, this property is replete with premium features designed to make life light and easy in the southern reaches of the island. Situated just minutes’ walk from the Maricel luxury hotel and spa, Bartomeu bathes in the dappled light that dances off the shallows at its shore. With direct access to a secluded beach from steps on the property or the boathouse built beneath the villa, residents are rewarded with ample opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean on their doorstep.

The house itself counts six large bedrooms including a master bedroom with a glass dome to enjoy the stars at night and the breaking blue in the morning. A huge open plan living room looks out across the ocean and two private pools, one on the roof terrace and another in the garden, offer visitors the chance to enjoy a little seclusion and privacy of their own.